Slow Wine 2016

Proud to be a Snail!

The Chiocciola, or Snail, goes to Villa Venti in recognition for the way this producer embodies the sensory, terroir, and environmental values that are in harmony with those of Slow Food. The bestowal of this symbol also means that the winery uses no chemical weedkillers in its vineyards. Wines with the Snail award also reflect a good quality-price ratio, taking into account when and where they were produced.

“Villa Venti; Mauro and Davide have been winegrowers for only a bit longer than 10 years, and nothing has been handed them on a silver platter—they have worked hard and made sacrifices, with commitment to and hunger for everything that happens in the world of wine. That’s the “magic recipe” to obtain high-quality wines of noble character.
Slow Wine

Highly honoured by these kudos, we raise a toast together with you!