Recipe for piadina

In Romagna, the piadina is in our DNA. Generous, hearty, long-lasting, and “lip-smacking good.” Some make it thin, others thicker, still others like to have it along with squacquerone cheese, rugola, and figs, while still others paired with a good pecorino or with a local cheese with honey and caramelized figs. Whatever way, it remains the indisputable icon of our local area. And a good glass of Sangiovese is always around, so let’s enjoy it! Come and visit us in our agriturism and try our dishes for a dinner or special event, and we’ll have you try out our recipe! In the meantime, here it is.

1kg type 1 or 2 Molino Pransani flour
1 envelope cream of tartar yeast
120gr lard
Boiling water, as desired
2 pinches salt

Knead thoroughly, then let dough rest for a half-hour. Roll out the piadina dough with a rolling-pin and bake on a Montetiffi terracotta baking dish.