Come back to the origins

Villa Venti represents a return to the earth, but also to the origins of civilisation, when people practiced not only biodynamic agriculture but cherished culture as well.
In order to bring ourselves ever closer to nature, we planted grapevines, as well as ancient varieties of stalk grain, which produce the bread and ciambelle we serve at breakfasts, and piadine that our guests always enjoy.

We believe in the life-force and in the authentic flavours of nature, which is why we practice multiple-passage harvesting and offer re-fillable body soaps with low impact on the environment. Wi-fi is free throughout the entire building. We cherish the verdant green of our hills and prefer to live them on a human scale, thus we have no TVs or window screens, and smoking is not allowed.

Those who wish to experience this with us, to rediscover our connection with nature, and to listen to it through the rhythms of the seasons, will find our agriturism, with its two rooms, the ideal place.

The Villa Venti agriturism offers a rich program of opportunities to enjoy its surrounding green-clad hills, to experience them on a human scale, on foot, by bike, with one’s hands….
One needs little to be happy here, perhaps just a good book, a glass of wine on the patio, with the Rocca di Longiano rising up majestically before one’s eyes, and the sea just around the corner.

Welcome! We are delighted to have you here with us.

Savor The Moment - Taste, Listen, Stay

What can you do at Villa Venti?

Whether you sleep here in the Farmhouse or be with us for a sea-view tasting, a glass of wine together with our "mangiarini", here in the hills you can explore the rhythm of nature, and your own.

Whether you are a lover of art, history, enjoyable lifestyle, cycling as a reason for living. Whether you believe that artisanal wine always goes with the good stuff.

Here, you are in the right place.

A few tips to make the most of your time with us!

  • Riviera: just a stone's throw away you will find Cesenatico, Cervia and their characteristic ports. Romagna is known to be famous for life after dark, but we can recommend a few friends who will be able to make you love the fish of the Adriatic paired with one of our wine glasses!
  • Ravenna, the mosaics and Unesco heritages. A place that fascinates the world steeped in history and wonder. We can guide you to discover this city and its shores. The perfect stop to put your feet in the sand and then come back to the hills.
  • Cesena: our city, small and on a human scale. This is where Famoso, a native grape variety, is at home. Don't miss the Malatestiana, the old town, the Rocca and a stop at Brodino's for those who love pasta beyond all latitudes and borders. A wine glass? We suggest you Vineria del Popolo right in the Piazza where you'll also find other artisan friendly wineries on the menu.
  • Villages: Italy is the place of villages, and here in this corner of Romagna we have many, each with their own DNA and breathtaking views. Longiano, Roncofreddo, Sogliano, Pennabilli, Monteleone, Torriana, Sorrivoli and many others. In summer every night there are some festivals and special occasions to visit them, ask us for advice.
  • Casentino Forests and the Apennines:the green lung of Italy, the place of reconnection with roots, with the sky and with memory. To visit Campigna, Sasso Fratino, Bagno di Romagna, Camaldoli. For those who love sports - biking and trekking in primis - as well as for those who are good eaters, this tour deserves the trip.

Please feel at home, relax, free yourself from all worries, and re-charge your energies!
Have a lovely stay!
The Villa Venti Family

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We believe in the authentic flavours of nature and in the power of hospitality, which is why we propose activities and services to let you live a unique experience among these hills on a human scale.

What we do:
• wine tasting
• rooms / overnight stay and breakfast
• renting space for events / private party

Please note that rooms have private entrance and terrace with panoramic views, private bathroom, air conditioning and wi-fi. Guests have access to the courtyards and the outdoor gardens, the covered hall where we serve breakfasts and the veranda overlooking the vineyards.



Teaching Farm at Villa Venti: a bio-workshop in the midst of grapevines, grain, kitchen garden, and fruit orchard.

We throw open our doors to the countryside to discover the intimate bond between the earth and our traditional products, so that you can encounter, experience, and immerse yourself in this rural universe, all this in order to be closer to a healthier and more mindful lifestyle.
This is what is known as a teaching farm, which here at Villa Venti becomes an outdoor workshop where one learns to follow the phases of the moon.
These are the seasons that re-occur, starting with the fragrances of spring, renewing the ancient, ritual-marked cycle of sowing and harvesting, with the participation of all five senses.
Whom do we invite? Kindergarten- and elementary-school children, families, groups of friends. A teaching farm is ideal for all those who want to join us in a personal experience that begins in the fields and concludes at the meal table.
What better way to transform a birthday into an occasion that is exciting for all those invited?

Length: All the various programs are comprised of stories, experience, and games. They last an average of two to four hours, but that can vary, depending on the curiosity of the participants.
For those with small children, there is “recess” time to let them play as they wish, too. All the programs conclude with a small tasting/ snack.

Every program can be customised to your needs, at the time you reserve it.
Program cost: €7 for up to 4 hours. €10 for entire day.


• Cherry-red flavours - From the can back to the cherry.

This workshop follows the cherries from the picking, through the cooking of the marmalade, and to tasting the results. This lesson, designed for small children from kindergarten through elementary school, is brimming with emotional and sensory hands-on activities. Duration: Preferably the entire day, with time set aside for play.

• The juice of the harvest- The colours, scents, history, and culture of the grapevine.

This lesson is designed for upper level students, to introduce them to the world of wine in an adult fashion. It begins with a stroll in the vineyard to observe and learn (possible in any season of the year), and concludes with a wine-tasting on the patio or in the tasting room. The objective of this workshop is simply that of introducing adolescents to the world of wine by providing them with hands-on experience, technical understanding and culture. Duration: A couple of hours.

• Put your hands in the dough.... bread and sfoglia - The story of a grain of wheat from sowing to harvest, through to working the dough with natural yeast leavening

This workshop is designed for all those who would like a “hands-on baking experience,” for small children but for small groups of adults as well who would like to “undertake” the making of the piadina or the sfoglia. Duration: From two hours to an entire day. For children, the entire day is preferable.

• Workshop of the five senses - This workshop consists in putting to the test all five senses of participants through a simple game.

In a world made up of images—just think of the many photos that we take every day--, our sense of sight predominates; this game shows us how intriguing it Is when we utilise just one sense at a time. Duration: A couple of hours. The game may be preceded or followed by a walk through the countryside to explore all aspects of our farming estate


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