savor the moment

Taste, listen, stay

Listening to music, making a toast with friends, looking out.
Do you know what awaits you here?
A landscape, a cup of life called wine,
pastime eats and a history of nature, stewards and vineyards.

Afternoon winetastings until dark.
Fridays through Sundays, 4:30 to 8 p.m.
. Whether you're in a couple, with friends or with a small group.
If you make a reservation, it's better...we like to wait for you and when you arrive call you by name.

Choose the formula that's right for you:
> Guided Tasting: min. 2 people | 2 or 3 wines + "mangiarini" | Recommended time: 2 hours
> Enjoy a glass: 1 wine + mangiarini | Stay as long as you want!"

In tasting: Primo Segno - our Ambassador, Serenaro - Famous, a sip of the sea, Tre Albe - Trebbiano and Albana from old vineyard, Scirone - the macerate of Villa Venti, Longiano - the celebration of place, A - what you don't expect


The best way to enjoy our wines? The mangiarini that Manuela takes care of, our daily harvested vegetables, our friend Stefano's flour, Renato's cheeses and Giovanni's cured meats.

Manuela + 39 334 5447990