Primo Segno

Sangiovese di Romagna DOC Superiore

Villa Venti’s standard-bearer; like our family’s smile: solid, self-confident, and luminous. Primo Segno was our initial wine, the beginning of our dream, the first step in an adventure, and testimony to the fact that the first evidence the Romans left of their presence here was the grapevine. We carefully “read” our terroir, and planted four different clones of loose-clustered sangiovese, depending on the types of clay soil. Our goal is to craft a crisp, mineral-edged Sangiovese, cleanly-delineated and straightforward, with fragrant impressions of just-picked cherry, and fine-grained, supple tannins, whose finish exudes once again those dusty notes of talc and pencil lead that are classic to wines of this growing area.

2 years
750 ml

100% Sangiovese


kg 0.8-1 each plant

Yield per Ha:

5.300 plants

Training system:



Made by hand


red clays and Messinian age sands


in stainless steel containers, spontaneous fermentation

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